The Top 50 Journalists to Follow on Twitter

24th April 2014

Here it is, the definitive list of what UK journalists to follow on Twitter – from News to Technology and Sport, we’ve got you covered. So relax, grab a coffee and start following the best hand picked UK journalists on Twitter so you’re always up to date. You can simply subscribe to our list below, […]


5 great examples of how Vine is impacting Journalism

23rd April 2014

Vine has slowly been growing from an app used mainly for funny, looping GIF-like videos into a legitimate storytelling tool. Indeed, Vine has also been growing it’s user base, with about 50 million active users and millions more signing up each month. Here are a few striking uses of Journalists, and everyday users of Vine […]


10 Brands Using Tumblr With Super Results

22nd April 2014

Tumblr is not the first platform that comes to mind when you think of an a hub for brands. But after they launched a massive update to their advertising platform called ‘Sponsored Posts Powered by Yahoo Advertising’, more brands have are starting to realise the potential of the service. Also, Tumblr serves as more or […]

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5 Amazing Brand Videos On Instagram This Week

17th April 2014

We love to showcase brands who are using the media well to get attention. One of the newest tools that brands are turning to in their droves is Instagram. It is a great photo platform but it also allows 15 second videos which is a brilliant length because it forces brands to be creative and […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Free Images For Journalists

15th April 2014

Along with written content images are a huge part of what powers the media today. Both online and offline. Despite the explosion in use of images many journalists and people within the media are not sure what they can and can’t use when it comes to images. Where to source them? What will land you […]

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Launching Into The UK And Major Site Redesign

2nd April 2014

We’ve been busy over the last couple of months upgrading our website and service. As a start up you sometimes have to cut corners and get a minimal viable product out the door and we are happy to have lots of people using our service for the last 18 months. When we raised funding though […]

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Selfies at the ready . ..

24th March 2014

  The Blog & Online Publishing Awards in association with Littlewoods Ireland officially launch today and we would like to invite you to help reward the very best in Irish digital publishing so that we can find this year’s winners. There are ten categories open to the public vote in this year’s awards and nominations […]

New Sales Position At PR Slides – #jobfairy

28th February 2014

Things are moving pretty quickly for us here in PR Slides and today we are happy to be creating another Irish job for a hungry individual who’d like to join our exciting project. Join A World Class Team Expansion is really ramping up and although it might be seen as an unlucky number we’ll be […]